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 Principal Sunawara ; Character Sheet Example

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Principal Sunawara

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PostSubject: Principal Sunawara ; Character Sheet Example   Mon 1 Feb - 16:29

Saeko Sunawara
« for my honor, for Mahoutokoro »
AGE: Althought she says she's 36, no one really knows her age
CLOAK COLOR: Sher proudly wears whatever she wants since she's the principal, but she's part of the Purple Cloaks
WAND: In length, it is just shy of eleven and one-half inches long. It has a core of dragon bone.
BOGGART: A white nine tailed fox.
PET: She doesn't have one, althought she's been thinking of getting a personal owl for quite a while.
DREAM JOB: She's the head of Mahoutokoro, what else you want?


  • Mysterious
  • Smoker
  • Kind
  • Childish and, yet really mature
  • Slightly perverted
  • Playful
  • Wise
  • Strict when it comes to her school and students
  • Cherishes her belongings and doesn't like when people touch her stuff

I am ... I was ...

Story: No one knows about Saeko or where she comes from, all they know is she inherited the school a few years ago when her mother - the last headmistress - passed away. No one knows who her father was. She just happened to be there. She never really put much thought into it herself.  

While the war was happening in England, she had to manage the panic of parents all over Japan. The school lost some of it's might and reputation when students started dissapearing on the schoolgrounds. Gladly, they were found not so long after the war ended, but her reputation and honor were still tarnished as a teacher of the establishement was discovered to be a deatheater. She stayed in the shadows for a while, managing Mahoutokoro in silence as the panic faded away.

Some parents are still reticent to let their kids in Mahoutokoro after all the drama. Some even spread weird and unfounded rumors about Sunawara to keep their kids from wanting to go. She works hard to counter these, wanting Mahoutokoro to go back to it's former glory.

Gossip, gossip. If only it could stop. At least , the young women knows how to chill down and assumes her responsabilities instead of raging at stupid people trying to make her look like a bad headmistress. Smoking from her pipe, she closes her eyes as she comments on the last headlines.

" Well...apparently have an affair with one of my students now? Funny. Don't you think so, Sunohara? "

Maybe not all the rumors are false after all, thought.

And in real life ?

AGE: 21
AVATAR: Yuuko Ichihara, xxxHolic

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Principal Sunawara ; Character Sheet Example
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