Welcome to Mahoutokoro, one of the 11 great wizarding schools, located on the Volcanic island of Minami Iwo Jima, Japan.
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 Akio Kaga

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Akio Kaga


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PostSubject: Akio Kaga   Sun 31 Jan - 17:49

Akio Kaga

« Akio is written 昭夫 from the kangi 昭 meaning bright and 夫 meaning husband »

AGE: 16
WAND: Aki's wand is a slender 14in wand made of Ash wood with a Dragon wing center.
BOGGART: Being forgotten
PET: Pygmy Hippogriff
DREAM JOB: Combat Magic Teacher


Akio excels at wand work and spell craft, he lacks when it comes to test taking and other school based activities. This is not to say he's stupid, but that he doesn't do well when asked to take tests and understand non-magic based information. Akio is also very strong willed, opting to fail 100 times and succeed once then fail once and never try again. His strong will can sometimes come off as stubborn, which is usually closer to the truth in most cases. Akio has a strong sense of duty when it comes to helping people, which has left him in some dangerous situatios and got him into trouble on numerous occasions.

I am ... I was ...

Story: Akio was born of a muggle mother and wizard father. His father did all he could so that Akio would know of both his lineages, but only the magical side came to him with ease. At the age of 6 Akio had already knew of numerous spells, non of which he was allowed to use till he came of age. Upon reaching his maturity his father's family began to teach him all they knew of magic, passing onto him books of spells and techniques which he learned quickly. Akio fell ill shortly after, causing him to miss a portion of his school life but soon recovered and was allowed to enter Mahoutokoro School, despite his family receiving threats about his "mudblood" lineage.

And in real life ?

NAME OR NICKNAME: Chris or Decidia works
AGE: 21
AVATAR: (Possibly) Valshe, Nico Nico Singer

Fiche créée par Madouce pour Epicode, ne pas retirer le copyright

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Principal Sunawara

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PostSubject: Re: Akio Kaga   Sun 31 Jan - 18:46

Besides the part about his personality not saying much about his actual personality, it seems fine . Welcome to Mahoukotoro sweetie and have fun !

EDIT : after your modifications, everything seems good. You in a group now. (:
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Akio Kaga
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