Welcome to Mahoutokoro, one of the 11 great wizarding schools, located on the Volcanic island of Minami Iwo Jima, Japan.
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 IMPORTANT : Forum and Roleplay rules

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Principal Sunawara

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PostSubject: IMPORTANT : Forum and Roleplay rules   Sun 31 Jan - 0:14

Forum and Roleplay Rules

I know, I know. Rules suck. But for a community to not go kookoo, we need 'em. So read up ! Breaking any of these rules will give you a strike or a complete ban. So this is important. Please, for the good of everyone and your own.


▬ Respect
I'd like to install a general rule of respect. If you are racist, homophobic or have any other concern of the sort, keep it to yourself. If I see anyone INSULT another member about their color, origins or life story, they are instantly banned. Jokes are welcome, but PLEASE avoid the ones that could hurt someone's feelings.
Language is also important. I don't mind some swears , but please keep your mouth as clean as possible - whether it's in flood forums, the chatbox or roleplay.

▬ We ain't here to talk about you, but we understand.
If you're having issues  I'd rather have you private message however you wanna talk to them or message them elsewhere. The chatbox is not there for everyone to listen to your life story. I've seen these conversations go bad before and do not want this kind of drama here. If you think your issues - or anything else really -are gonna make you unable to roleplay or log-in; please warn us in advance so we don't delete your account for inactivity.Just click this to be redirected to the absence section. We're not robots, we do understand that feelings can get in the way. Like I said, we just don't want the drama.

▬ Activity
We only ask a post every week, with a minimum of 5 lines, no maximum. Unless you are absent we won't delete your character. However if you're leaving without notice, we will delete you after 30 days.
Also, moderators and admins will keep track of you. If you are in the chatbox and you haven't rp'ed in the past week, we will warn you and kick you out until you have posted a role play. If you have time to chitchat on there, you have time to write 5 little lines. Thanks. 


▬ Length
Like stated just below, roleplay posts are to be at least FIVE LINES long. If you're post is too short we will warn you and will not count it as activity until it is correct. We're not doing this to force you to write a book ( then again, 5 lines is nothing ), it's just so the topics stay constant and are not simply 300 posts of dialogue. 

▬ The Basics
In case you don't know or forgot them, here are some basics.

  • To Roleplay, you must first fill in a character sheet and set an avatar. These indicate you're characters age, gender, looks and personality. Knowing a little more about your character will make it way easier for people to come up with roleplay ideas.
  • Once you're sheet was accepted, you can wonder into the fabulous world of roleplay. To roleplay is to interpret the character you just created. It can be writen in first or third person, to the players preference. What is the difference?

    • 1st person:I walked into the room and noticed my reflection in the looking glass.
    • 3rd person: Principal Sunawara walked into the room and noticed her reflection in the looking glass.

  • You may post a " Free " roleplay for anyone to join, or set up a " Private " roleplay with someone you've spoken with. If the roleplay is private add [PV. Name of Your RP buddy] In the title so that nobody randomly bursts in. These topics must be located in the roleplay section or they will be moved. If an admin judges an Rp's location to be wrong, they may move it and tell you throught Private Message.
  • Althought I mentioned earlier that swears are allowed, they are not mean to be used lightly. I'd prefer they be only in dialogue, and with a reason - the only exception being that you mentionned in your character swears a bunch and you roleplay in first person, then feel free -. Be aware that unless your character is muggleborn or half-blood, they must use WIZARD SWEARS only.

    • They do not say ' God ', they say ' Merlin '.
    • If insulting someone, they will use names of fantastic beasts. No " Pigface " or " Gorillabutt " here.
    • There is more to it, but you get the idea.

  • You must follow the lenght rules.
  • You must write your character sheet and roleplay in PROPER english. By that, I mean that we are not on skype or facebook. Roleplay must be enjoyable to read and understandable by all. Nut evr1 can rid tis kind of sht. You can use some of it in chat, but keep it readable, please. Google has autocorrect for a reason.
  • Once your roleplay is done, tell an admin or moderator as soon as possible so it can be locked and no one can add something stupid at the end of it.
  • Your character can interact with your partner's character, HOWEVER you cannot control the other character without the other player's consent. You're not writing a book here, the other character is not yours and it is not for you to decide what their reaction to your characters action will be. This is really important, so please be careful to avoid these situations.

▬ Age and other character requirements

  • The name of your character must be original. Please, refrain from making Kirito's and Naruto Uzumaki's.
  • Your chatacter may be a student of any gender and must between ages of 7 and 18.
  • This does not apply to teachers who must be between 24 and 60.
  • You're avatar must be from an anime and its size must be of 200*pixels for 400*pixels. If you don't know how to do it so it shows alright in the forums, PM the moderators and they will help you. Here's a list of the taken avatars ! CLICK CLICK
  • Mahoukotoro only accepts youngsters of JAPANESE DESCENT. Your character must have at least one japanese parent. THIS RULE DOES NOT APPLY TO TEACHERS AND OTHER NPC'S.
  • Muggleborns are as welcome as pure-bloods.
  • The cloak of your character is determined by their personality, behavior in school and grades. They are listed here (click) You cannot start as a gold or black cloak, as your character has to pass exams to be in these groups. Only exceptions will be pre-made characters provided by the staff.
  • Students are welcome to use magic to dye their hair.  Characters who are part of the PINK CLOAKS and BLUE CLOAKS - to some exceptions  - must have NATURAL HAIR, as they do not have the skill to do this.
  • These rules are subject to change

▬ Can we do the sex?
Yes. Hentai, Yuri and Yaoi roleplay are autorized for characters of at least 15 years old. However, we're not here to do that only. This is a Harry Potter forum after all. We ask that you put [H/Y/Y]  at the beggining of the title so that softer minds don't wander there and read something they wouldn't want to. Keep in mind that it is restricted to the HOME and HOTEL areas, as Mahoutokoro does not have dorms.
As for the chatbox, we don't allow it till 10PM to 2AM. After that timespan, doing it will get you chatbanned for a week. There is always skype and other means, little buddies !

And that's it for now folks !  If you think anything is missing, tell me. This forum is still under construction after all.
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IMPORTANT : Forum and Roleplay rules
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