Welcome to Mahoutokoro, one of the 11 great wizarding schools, located on the Volcanic island of Minami Iwo Jima, Japan.
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 The Color of your Cloak

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PostSubject: The Color of your Cloak   Sat 30 Jan - 19:32

▬ PINK CLOAKS either just joined the school or failed to progress since their arrival. They have low grades and barely know anything about magic. Most of them are of young age as it is the original color of the cloak.
▬ RED CLOAKS are of average level. They pass most of their classes and go throught with their scholarship as smooth as they can, but they are not exceptionnal enough to be worth watching. Failing a class with this cloak will take you back to a pink cloak.
▬ BLUE CLOAKS have really good potential. They are really good with theory and study hard....they are just not the best casters out there.
▬ GREEN CLOAKS are the opposite of the blue cloaks. They're exams never really have good grades, but when it comes to practice they are amazing. Students practicing Quidditch often fall in this category due to their high grades in Quidditch classes.
▬ BLACK CLOAKS are just below the top of the class. It can be due to having lost points due to bad behavior as much as it can be due to failling to get 100% everywhere - which with Mahou's standards is not an easy task -.
▬ GOLD CLOAKS are really rare. They're often considered to be stuck ups who only study. They have decent physical abilities, cast perfectly and know the answer to all the questions. Althought it is a great honor to wear the gold cloak, it comes with a lot of dedication and pressure.

▬ PURPLE CLOAKS NPC'S, such as merchants and other adults that are not planned to be playable will be listed this color.
▬ HAZEL CLOAKS Teachers and other member of the school staff.
▬ WHITE CLOAKS Banned students or wizards. They broke the laws of secrecy set by the ministry of magic or made use of dark magic. You must sumbit a reason for your cloak turning white and have permission of the creator to join this group. After their trial at the ministry they will either be imprisoned or given a new cape to start anew.
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The Color of your Cloak
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