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 Mana Suzuki

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Mana Suzuki


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Mana Suzuki

« Every person have their own mask, the question is whether they wear it in front of you or not »

AGE: 14
WAND: Larch wood with a Dragon heartstring core 12 ½" and Rigid flexibility
PATRONUS: Cat, spesifically Mocha
BOGGART: Arthur Brown smiling coldly at her
PET: A calico kneazel, named Mocha


Suzuki Mana, in her most basic personality, is a loner. She usually prefers to be alone, reading a good book, than spending the time by talking to other people.  Mana is pretty awkward with new people and rarely shows her emotions on her face. She is also pretty blunt with her words and tends to say things without meaning it. Although she is clearly not a people person, she actually tolerates other people's company, so long he/she doesn't force her to speak or do anything she doesn't want to. She has horrible mood-swings, one time she has this happy aura around her, while the next she is going o be all gloomy and brooding.

She is surprisingly protective to anyone she deemed as a close friend, willing to throw a curse to defend her friend if threatened. She is particularly possessive to anything that belongs to her; like her clothes, books, and her pet cat, Mocha. Mana reacts to order very poorly and she tends to refuse or shied away if forced to do something. Mana is pretty confident about her magical knowledge and ability given that she had been home-schooled by her mother before applying. Mana loves her mother something fierce and willing to do everything to make her happy.

She is a "Learning by doing" type of person rather than studying theories since that quickly bore her. If you find her holding a book, it's high possibility that it's not a spell book but a novel. One thing that she and her close friend found weird is that she rarely studying for theories, only skimming the surface and practicing the spell, but her overall score for essay is always slightly above average. She blames this to her luck. Despite being somewhat smart she is rarely active in class. It's either because she doesn't know the theory behind the spell, she doesn't want to answer, or she become oddly shy. Unless being called specifically, she probably won't raise her hand at all.

I am ... I was ...

Story: Mana is a Half-blood witch, with a witch mother and a muggle for a father. Her mother, Inari, was deemed as one of the most talented healer at Tokyo Magical Hospital when she was younger. Five years after she worked at the said hospital, she was being sent to work overseas, to England to be exact. There she worked three years at Saint Mungo Hospital for Damaged Witch and Wizard. In the span of those three years, she met her husband, Arthur Brown.

It was like love at the first sight in movie, Mana’s mother often said to her. She saw him when she was walking down the street of London, he sat by himself, drinking coffee at one of the cafe near her workplace. The man was quite handsome with his pale hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. He has angular face and quite dignified in posture. The colour fascinated her mother, who was born with the usual (boring, her mother would scoff at herself) coloring of an asian, black eyes and black straight hair.

Despite this she somehow managed to catch the attention of one Arthur Brown when she boldly asked if the chair in front of him was empty and could she sit here since everywhere else is full. Inari Suzuki was never be the shy one. Maybe it’s her witty comment or her ougoing personality, she didn’t know. But she was very happy. They dated for two and a half years, and by the end of her three years contract on Saint Mungo, Arthur proposed to her.

They married two weeks later.

Then she was pregnant with Mana few weeks later.

When Mana was born, with her pale silvery eyes of a newborn, soft powdery blonde hair, fair skin, and cute button nose, Inari quickly fallen in love with the little bundle in her arms. Then the little baby grows into an adorable toddler. Everyday was full of laughter and love, and Arthur was an amazing father, Inari was so happy she beamed everyday.

But then Mana fell and scrapped her knee. She cried and cried. When Inari reached her child, she was less than surprised to find the wound slowly knitting away by itself. Inari knows in that moment that Mana (Her child, her baby, her world, her everything) is a witch, just like her. Mana remembered what her mother told her even now when she was older; “Don’t let daddy knows.”

In the perfect little picture of happy family, there was a big secret hidden under the closet. Inari never told his husband about her magical lineage, she never told him anything about her job as a healer (said it was doctor instead), she hides her wand and trunks away and never spokens about it in fears that her muggle husband (that she loves so much) will leave her as soon as he found out.

Found out he did.

But leaving he never does.

Mana remembered the cold voice of her father (sperm donor, she cursed bitterly), her mother’s pleas, and her own terrified whimpers when she hides herself under her cover. But then everything became well and fine again. Her mother and father smiles again. They laughed together again. The perfect little picture of happy family returned as it was before. Mana laughed and smiled and generally being the cute little toddler she was, Inari smiles like a dotting mother she was, and Arthur smiles and jokes around like a father supposed to do.

It was all an act. Through and through.

The cold voice, pleas, and whimpers cames back as the moon rose. Two years and then the man she once loved so much that she even tried to forget about her gifts (because one does not simply forget about magic) rise his hand againts her child. Her patience lost and Inari raged. She pulled at the long forgotten power inside her, whiped out her wand, and just let everything go.

Inari obliviated her husband of every memories about her and Mana. She packed everything, took Mana’s hands, and quickly disapparated away to Leaky Cauldron. There she quickly went to Diagon Alley and order an International Portkey to Japan.

And in real life ?

AGE: 19
AVATAR: IA from Vocaloid
QUESTION, IDEAS ? Insert more link to other important page. Explain what club are available for the student as well as minimum age or criteria to join (like for dueling club you have to be at least 12 years old to be able to join or you have to have your own broom to join Quidditch club). Please, please, please add bookstore and a pet store on Kappa Village too. Every place needs one of these.

Oh, and maybe adding a dark alley (a bit like Knocturn Alley) would be good too. It’s going to be a place to buy illegal item, find some obscure books, rare potions, extinct magical pet, a place to buy some secondhand things with half price, etc. Generally this is going to be a dwelling place for dark wizard or dark pure-blood family. Of course you should/ could include some punishment for the student who goes to this place and being found out by the teacher… Next, adding a timetable and a list of subjects would be good, maybe? This is just some of my ideas (re: rambling)… feel free to ignore or to consider it.

Question… Is the class going to be divided by age group? Are the subjects going to be the same with Hogwarts or slightly different? Can I post something like imaginary magical book or guide or theories when I role-playing?

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Mana Suzuki
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