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 Just a normal day

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Yuuka Hasegawa


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PostSubject: Just a normal day   Sun 7 Feb - 2:22

It was just a normal day . A normal monday, to be a little more accurate. Yuuka was sitting at the dining table with a smile on her face , reading a book she had put on lap as she was sipping on a cup of pumpkin juice. She was in a decent mood as she had just learned she got a perfect score on her runes classes suprise quiz their teacher gave them last week. No one in the class was really impressed that she did, as it was kind of common, but it still felt great for the little bookworm. She left her eyes in a subtle way as she tried to listen to two girls from her class, whispering.

It was a bad habit she had and tried to get rid off. An habit she develloped when she got bullied...because as much as it hurt, she wanted to know what people thought of her. Oh, well. They're weren't saying anything about her, so she looked away.

* I really should stop spying on people's conversation...it's creepy *, she thought to herself as she put down her glass to turn the page of her book.
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Just a normal day
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