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 Yuuka Hasegawa

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Yuuka Hasegawa


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PostSubject: Yuuka Hasegawa   Mon 1 Feb - 21:35

Yuuka Hasegawa
« Fear keeps us focused on the past or worried about the future. If we can acknowledge our fear, we can realize that right now we are okay »
AGE: 16
WAND: It's an alderwood wand. In length, it is eight and three quarters inches long. It has a core of griffin feather.
BOGGART: Black silhouettes of three young girls approaching her with mischievious smiles.
PET: She owns a tiny owl called " Kitsutsuki " or " Woodpecker " in english. She named it that way cause he likes to chew on her wand.
DREAM JOB: Librarian
BLOODLINE: Pure-blood


Yuuka is...complicated. She can be really shy, while she also can be really loud. She doesn't like to be bothered and prefers when people mind their own business...yet she tends to feel really lonely and bored after spending a certain amount of time alone. That's why she's really glad she has her sisters. Most of the time, you will find her in the library, reading some book about spellcasting or simply studying. She works hard to get good grades and gets really annoyed when she doesn't. She even throws little fits when she does bad - which in her vocabulary is getting under an A - in classes she's good at, but that's pretty rare.
She has issues trusting people -mostly other girls- since she got bullied back in her first years at Mahoutokoro. Her friend pool is really limited since then. She barely ever talks to people besides her twin.

I am ... I was ...

Story: The Hasegawa sisters were born on march 13th, during a quite rainy day. Their little chubby faces lighted up the room since day one ! They were little bundles of joy for their parents and their older sister Yukino who was five at the time. Sadly, soon after giving birth to them, their mother got really sick. By the time they were two, she couldn't get out of bed anymore. Of course they were too young to remember, but Yukino told them that it broke their mom's heart. She would cry to see them and their sis often helped her dad move their craddle between their mom's room and their own - as he couldn't use magic around the nurses taking care of his wife -.
Yuuka and her twin were about four years old when their mom passed away. They never knew what sickness she had gotten, just that even magic couldn't do anything to fix it.
It was really hard on their dad. Not only he had to deal with loosing the love of his life, but he also had to make his three daughters understand their mom wasn't coming back. He started working a lot to be able to give them the best life he could give them, spending time with them after work even thought he came back from ten to twelve hours of paperwork at the ministry of magic. He barely slept or ate, but seeing smiles on his daughters faces was all he needed to feel good. They had a pretty rough, yet wonderful childhood to say the least.

Then came their letters from Mahoutokoro. Yukino got hers first, obviously and left her sisters on their own with daddy. They would often accompany her and go to the kindergarden of the school during the day, learning some small stuff, mostly how to paint with magic and other stuff kids do. And then, just like that , they were 11 and it was their time to shine.

Soon " them " became " her ". Yuuka took school way more seriously then her twin. They stayed close, but had different set of friends and habits. Yuuka would often go to the library while her ' clone ' would hang with other girls. By their third year, Yuuka had gained a gold cloak while the other Hasegawa only had a red cloak. It was that year that things turned out wrong.

" Your sister is such a party pooper . I'm so glad she stayed at school to study. "
" Yeah, she's like...so boring. "

Yuu-chan held her books thight as she heard what her sisters friends thought of her. But that was nothing compared to what came next. They became plain mean to her. They would trip her when they crossed her in the hallways, steal her wand and trap her in the bathrooms, tell her crush she has some kind of disgusting illness , put bugs and other stuff in her shoes and hair....while her twin looked with an empty expression. She was scared. They both were. Yuuka just took everything out of not wanting her sister to go throught it too.

" You're such a nerd. You'll never have a boyfriend. "
" Yeah, you're gonna be a crazy cat lady. "
" Have you heard ? She wants to be a librarian . "
" Haha ha. A crazy old cat lady that spends all her time in a library...that's so sad. "

Everyday, they became meaner and meaner. She tried to tell her friends but she didn't wanna get them involved , so she just shut up. She stayed strong. Then came the fourth year's dual combat qualifications. Her opponent was Risa. The leader of her bullies.

" Show me what you got, cat lady. "
Yuuka started shaking. She didn't know why. She was out of control. She could have hit her with any spell, really, but nothing would come out.
" What's wrong pussycat? Did you trip on your tail? "
" S-stop it, please. " , the teenager mumbled after falling on her butt, unbalanced after the dissarming spell Risa had just cast.
The other girl started casting a volley of spells, making her look more ridiculous as she went on. Dying her hair green, making her nose grow, lifting her by her leg with a levicorpus and then making her fall on her head by canceling it.
" Maybe you don't diserve it...your gold cloak. You just suck in general. Boring, stupid and lonely. That fits you so well. "
" S-STOP IT ! " , Yuuka shouted as she grabed her wand. Following up with a dispel of all the dumb spells her opponent at put her own. She stood up and pointed it at her bully. She said a spell and then...nothing. She tried again . Nothing. The chick started laughing as the flow of spells would just not come out of Hasegawa's wand.
" Look, look! Her cloak. What's happening to it? ", said a boy in their class.
" It's changing colors.... " , answered his neighbor.
" It's going blue ! "

Hasegawa looked down in fear...and she witnessed her cloak slowly fading from gold to blue.
" Yuuka is dumbo, Yuuka is a dumbo ! " started shouting the other bullies in the crowd.

A silhouette came out of the troup of students. One really similar to Yuuka's. " Leave ! " she shouted to her as the newly blue cloaked student started crying. " I'll duel her. You leave. "

Yuuka ran as her sister kept on with the fight. She later heard that she won, althought it didn't count on her grades. Risa and the other bullies were called to the director's office where they got punishement for their acts. The leader of the bunch actually got expelled from the school. As for Yuuka...she's still barely able to cast spells since that day and she carries on as a blue cloak.

Her twin finally stood up to her ' buddies ' and became closer to Yuuka than ever. They now spend as much time together as they can, even tho their personalities still breaks them appart from each other. Sometimes they try to duel...but nothing. Will Yuuka ever be able to get back her gold cloak? Who knows?

They now live in a small appartement in Tokyo with their older sister, their dad having left for England for a while cause of a big job offer in the Ministry of the land of Shakespeare.

And in real life ?

AGE: 21
AVATAR: Momo Velia Deviluke, To Love-Ru
QUESTION, IDEAS ? I'm kind of the founder, so yah. I'll tell myself my ideas xD
CREDITS:whymir and Navigal for the icons.

Fiche créée par Madouce pour Epicode, ne pas retirer le copyright
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Principal Sunawara

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PostSubject: Re: Yuuka Hasegawa   Wed 3 Feb - 20:53

I hate making validation of my own stuff but I think this is a fine character sheet. The only thing that bugs me is that I don't have a name for the twin of Yuuka and thus, I repeat " Sister " and " Twin " a lot. But I should be able to fix that later on. Time to move this and get going (:
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Yuuka Hasegawa
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